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Saskatchewan is a vast province with a dispersed population, so public transportation is critical for many residents and visitors. The Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) was the province’s primary public transportation provider for many years, offering bus services to numerous communities throughout Saskatchewan. While the STC no longer operates, several passenger and freight carriers still provide bus services in the province.

Saskatchewan Bus Map

This map shows STC Operated Passenger and ParcelExpress Routes, Connecting/Contract Passenger and Freight Carriers, and Connecting/Contract Freight Carriers Only in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan bus map is a detailed representation of the bus routes operated by the Saskatchewan Transportation Company and other connecting carriers. Displayed at a resolution of 1974×2560 pixels, the map shows key locations and junctions such as Turnor Lake Jct., Île-à-la-Crosse, La Ronge, and Beauval Jet. It also marks significant stops like Buffalo Narrows, Creighton, and Waskesiu Lake, among others. This map is a crucial guide for public transportation users in Saskatchewan, providing clear routes and connections for efficient travel across the province.

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The STC Operated Passenger and Parcel Express Routes, highlighted on the map, provided regular bus services to over 250 communities throughout Saskatchewan. These routes were a lifeline for many people in rural and remote areas, offering a reliable and affordable way to travel to larger urban centers for work, school, medical appointments, or shopping. The STC Parcel Express service also provided an essential link for small businesses and farmers to ship and receive goods across the province.

Today, several private bus companies operate in Saskatchewan, providing passenger and freight services to communities throughout the province. The Connecting/Contract Passenger and Freight Carriers, also shown on the map, are companies that have agreements with the provincial government to provide transportation services to some areas of Saskatchewan. These carriers operate on specific routes, transporting passengers and goods.

The Connecting/Contract Freight Carriers Only provide freight services to communities throughout the province but do not provide passenger services. These carriers are essential for many businesses and industries transporting goods between different locations in Saskatchewan or other parts of Canada.

Overall, the Saskatchewan bus map provides a comprehensive view of the various bus services available throughout the province. Whether you’re a resident of Saskatchewan or a visitor, this map can help you plan your travels and ensure that you can get to where you need to go.