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Canada’s agricultural industry is a vital part of its economy, and its cattle population plays a significant role. Did you know Canada is home to 15 million cattle, 9 million of which live on the Prairies? This article will examine some interesting facts about Canada’s cattle population.

Fact: Canada is home to 15 million cattle, 9 million of which live on the Prairies.

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Did you know?

  1. Cattle are raised in all ten provinces of Canada, with the majority located in the western provinces. As mentioned, 9 million cattle live on the Prairies, which includes Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.
  2. Canada is the third-largest beef exporter in the world, with beef exports valued at over $2 billion annually. The country’s high-quality beef is in high demand globally due to its safety, taste, and consistency.
  3. The cattle industry in Canada employs approximately 228,000 people, including farmers, truck drivers, processors, and retailers. The industry also contributes to Canada’s food security by providing a steady supply of meat products to the domestic market.
  4. The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association represents over 60,000 beef farms and feedlots across Canada. The organization works to promote and support the Canadian beef industry and advocates for policies that benefit its members.


Canada’s cattle population is a crucial part of the country’s agricultural industry, with millions of cattle raised nationwide. As one of the largest beef exporters globally, Canada’s beef industry plays a significant role in the country’s economy. Additionally, the cattle industry employs thousands of people and contributes to Canada’s food security.


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