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Discovering Della Falls – Canada’s Highest Waterfall

Della Falls, located in Strathcona Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada, is truly a remarkable natural wonder. Regarded as the highest waterfall in Canada, it stands tall at 440 meters high (1,444 feet), cascading down from the Della Lake and pouring into the Drinkwater Creek below. The falls are fed by the snowmelt and rainwater that collects in the lake during the spring and summer months, creating a breathtaking sight for visitors who venture to this remote part of Vancouver Island. To witness the full splendor of the falls, adventurous hikers can take on the challenging but rewarding eight-hour hike that winds through the lush rainforest and rugged terrain, rewarding them with unparalleled views of the stunning landscape and the awe-inspiring Della Falls. Not only a natural spectacle, but Della Falls is also an important symbol of Canada’s rich ecological heritage, reminding us of nature’s immense beauty and power.